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I'll keep you by my side with my superhuman might...


Ratchet, Master of the Medbay

A guardian's gaze...

A resident of the City of Change since February 13, 2009, Ratchet is a guardian of the Northern District, an Angelii in service of Deva Ameras and the fragmented remains of Cyrus, a physician sworn to safeguard Nautilus' inhabitants and an Autobot, second in command under Optimus Prime.

January 28th, 2024

Feel free to leave feedback on the portrayl of Ratchet in comments, here. (Please be constructive, but polite if you do!) Comments are screened. Anon commenting is allowed.

Email Contact: strayabot (at) live.com
Regular LJ: straya (user info contains list of all active RP characters)
AIM: Aestraya

Also, if you are interested in suggesting plot ideas, feel free to either PM or IM me, or leave me a comment here.

January 7th, 2024

Because I work insane hours, sometimes I can't always be around to play Ratchet right when someone gets hurts and either requires medical attention/needs to be checked into the Medbay. Sometimes it's easier for characters to check-in with the help of those living in the Medbay or others who help them get up that way before they drop dead or bleed to death.

When characters check in for treatment, especially if they end up staying over for whatever reason (they might be too fatigued to leave right away, in a coma, etc.), as Ratchet's mun, I need to know this happened. Even if Ratchet himself does not treat the patient, both he and I need to know who's in the building and why. This helps me to keep my medic IC and keeps me up to date with how to handle happenings in and around the building. For instance, if there's a patient checked in who's in a coma, it's not likely Ratchet will leave the Medbay for more than a few hours at a time until that patient is conscious again. He wouldn't be a good doctor if he did otherwise. He would want to stay nearby in case of a condition change, for example.

Likewise, if I'm on hiatus for whatever reason and I've given permission to hand wave doctor visits with Ratchet, I need to know those happened as well. (And if I'm hiatusing, I'll usually name one or two other muns who have godmode rights.) Especially if he's never met your character before. Otherwise it's going to be extremely awkward if we thread at a later date and I'm playing him like...well, he's never met your character before. When he has and I'm just completely unaware of it.

Never assume I've noticed a log/thread with a Medbay check in or doctor visit. If it's not something I'm going to get a notif for under default LJ notif settings, there's a chance I'll miss it. Unfortunately due to time constraints and how active the game has become, I can't always read every thread and log.

So, here's your handy-dandy check in form for comment posting. Don't feel like you need to give me every gory detail of what happened and why. As long as I've got basic information, it's all good.

Copy, paste and fill in da blanks!

Your Character's Name:
Date of Check In or Visit:
Brief Reason for Check In or Visit:
Thread/Log Link (actual URL):

December 7th, 2023

Ratchet runs a tight ship, er, Medbay. Because the building is not only a hospital and repair bay, but a home to himself and a number of other Wakened, it's important that only certain people have access to the building dependent on level of trust. Much like with PHI (that's Protected Health Information to you non-medical field folks), codes and levels are granted on a "need to know access basis." Only what you need to get to, nothing further.

The Medbay is also guarded by a security system that was created and programmed by Ratchet himself, updated with Subaru's help while she was still in Nautilus. The system includes a number of monitoring cameras that record 24/7, located both inside and outside the building. Cameras watch the street before the Medbay, the side alley ways, the back area, roof, main halls, storage areas, main work area, lounge/kitchen, equipped patient rooms and generator room. There are no cameras within private quarters belonging to residents and uninjured guests. The building has a built in "lockdown mode" that can be used to turn the Medbay into a veritable fort if necessary, with shielded windows and reinforced doors. Why, you may ask? Next time you run into Ratchet, ask him about the time shadow creatures nearly broken in during Starscream's reign over Nautilus. Or the Heartless invasion. Or the Lunar Cry monster event.

THE ACCESS CODE LIST (and a few further security notations)Collapse )

May 25th, 2023

Relationships at The Wake RP - Currently a work in progress...Collapse )

Recently Added: Sideswipe and Roxas

To be Added: Sunstreaker, Blackarachnia, Red Trafford, Riyaz, Pepper Potts, Demyx, Axel, Michael Trinity, William Jesse, Hazel Bentley, Jak...and more. This glitch needs to stop talking to everyone and their dog.

February 11th, 2022

Application for The Wake RP.Collapse )

December 22nd, 2010

Test Post: Jam Session

A guardian's gaze...
[When the camera comes on, the stage at Furmans is in frame, a number of speakers and other sound equipment pieces set up and ready to go. Demyx and Ratchet (in human form) are there, doing a couple last minute mic checks. Koganeokami, the Golden Wolf disc animal, is perched up on the medic's shoulder and it looks as though Seijigaeru, the Celadon Frog disc animal, has decided the ex-Heartless' right shoulder is a good place to hang out. As they finish up, Demyx turns in the direction of the camera, peering at it.]

Hey, is that thing on?

[Ratchet glances over.] Yes. Ryokuozaru's already turned it on, the blasted little fragger.

[There's a clunk by the camera and the face of the Green Ape disc animal peers into the lens before withdrawing.]

Guess we might as well start, huh?

Ready when you are, Demyx!

[As the lighting switches over to stage spotlights, the two take up their instruments and begin to play with Demyx starting and Ratchet joining just after. The pair keep it back to back and near shoulder to shoulder the entire time, jamming away and focused on the music. The sound carries throughout Furmans and out into the street beyond; anyone walking by is sure to hear it if they're not tuned into the network.]

[So if the well known saying about "if it's too loud, you're too old" applies, Ratchet is definitely not too old.]

[And when they're done with that first song?]

[They'll keep it rocking with a
couple more.]

[Enjoy, Nautilus!]
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